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Joon-Woo Lee, Young-Sik Kim, and Jong-Seon No, "Anaysis of modified Shell sort for fully homomorphic encryption," submitted to IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, October 2019.
Eunsang Lee, Joon-Woo Lee, Jong-Seon No, and Young-Sik Kim, "Minimax approximation of sign function by composite polynomial for homomorphic comparison," Cryptology ePrint Archive: Submission xxxx/163 accepted as Report 2020/834, July 7, 2020.
Seong-Joon Park, Yongwoo Lee, and Jong-Seon No, "Highly compressed DNA coding with GC balance and run length constraints using iterative encoding," submitted to IEEE Communications Letters, September 2020.
Yongwoo Lee, Young-Sik Kim, and Jong-Seon No, “Reduction of key and ciphertext wizes of lattice-based cryptography,” submitted to ICT Express, March 2021.