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Enhancement of Multiplexing and Diversity Gain

Multi-User MIMO

  - Robust beamforming design algorithm

  - Interference alignment

Cooperative Communications

  - Distributed space-time codes

  - Algorithm for relay selection or power-allocation


Error Correcting Codes

Algebraic Coding Theory

  - Linear block codes (BCH codes, RS codes, etc.)

  - Convolutional codes

Low-Density Parity-Check(LDPC) Codes

  - LDPC codes design

  - Efficient encoding/decoding algorithm

  - Message passing scheduling

  - Lowering the error floor of LDPC codes

  - Analysis of LDPC codes

PAPR Problem in OFDM Systems

PAPR Analysis of OFDM Signals

Selected Mapping(SLM)

  - SLM with low complextiy

  - Performance analysis of SLM

  - Blind SLM

Partial Transmit Sequence(PTS)

  - PTS with Low Complexity

Tone Reservation(TR)

  - Multi-stage TR

  - Optimal PRT set selection

Active Constellation Extension(ACE)


Design of OFDM System Using Compressed Sensing

Sequence Design

Pseudorandom Sequence Design Having Desired Properties

  - Correlation property

  - Large linear complexity

  - Balance property

Example of Sequences

  - m-sequence

  - GMW sequence

  - Gold sequence

  - No sequence

  - LCZ and ZCZ sequence


  - CDMA systems

  - Cryptography

  - Random data generation

  - Radar and sonar


Post-Quantum Cryptography

  - Code-based cryptography

  - Lattice-based cryptography

Security of Car Area Network (CAN)

CAN Countermeasure

  - CAN Packet analysis

  - CAN attack detection system

  - CAN message encryption

Compressed Sensing

PAPR Reduction in OFDM System with Compressed Sensing

Sensing Matrix Design

Efficient Reconstruction Algorithm